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Game Test

Test Your Knowledge


Take the test

Anyone can take our test by clicking here. Our test is a simple and short multiple choice look at several areas of the rules. You will recive a score instantlly. If you want your mentor to see your score, instruct them to follow the instructions below.

Kahoot! version now ready! Click here to play.


Request a key Look up data (make a copy)

Mentors can now have acess to data and analytics for their team. This is powered by Google Sheets. You are required to have a Google account and obtain a secret key to view your team's data.

Obtain a key

  1. Click here to fill out the request form. Be sure to include a valid email and only fill out the form once per team.
  2. Check your email for your secret key. The subject will be FRC Game Test Key and it will be from jhasenklein@gmail.com.

Setup sheet

  1. Click here to make a copy of the lookup interface spreadsheet.
  2. Enter your team number in cell B3 and your secret key in cell B4.

Lookup data

  • Use the ScoreList sheet for a list of people's names and scores along with the timestamp of when they took it.
  • You can use the other sheets to see how your students answered questions.
  • If you see the error Invalid key or team number combo then you need to ensure that your data on the Setup sheet is correct. Delete any extra spaces or characters.



Take the Kahoot version here for a fun team experience.

Play on Kahoot